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Musical style & Artistry

Jehania is the creative inspiration behind every aspect of her image and artistry from directing and editing all of her music videos, styling herself, writing her lyrics, creating her own album artwork and graphics, and designing and sewing garments. The only thing that she doesn’t do is produce music.

Her influences have mainly been male rappers, Nas, Jay-Z, DMX, AZ, The Fugees, Tupac, Lauryn Hill and Lisa “Left Eye” Lopez. She listens to and writes to several different genres of music. Jehania is known for her eclectic and soulful production and poetic delivery. Her lyrics and subject matter is often political, spiritual, conscious, and revolutionary. She vocalizes the disenfranchisement of blacks and impoverished people, addresses colorism in the black community on “Mocha”, celebrates the black hairstyle of dreadlocs on “Beards and Locs”, and vents about working a 9 to 5 job while pursuing a music career without a support system on “Hustling and Grinding”. She expresses her preference of simplicity and shows her gratitude and appreciation for the intangible things in life like love, an honest partner and laughter in “Too Much to Ask For”, how others would feel after her death in “Farewell”, resilience, perseverance and strength on “Bamboo” and even questioning the presence of a Higher Power on “Where was God?” She incorporates spoken word poetry as interludes on her albums. She has stated that her dream was never to be a rapper. It was to be a songwriter and mainly to write for other artists, hence why she wrote over 100 songs since 2002 but did not release a complete project until 2013. She only released an album to showcase her songwriting skills for other artists that may be interested in using her as a writer.

"I’m not in competition with anyone but myself. Each project I put out, I want it to be better than my last. I always try to outdo myself. I am my only competition. I don't worry about what other artists do. They do them and I do me." - Jehania

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